The product that acquires the customer has a guarantee according to the following conditions:

1.The type of material used by their characteristics should not present problems for most of the recommended applications, however the customer will always run tests for their particular application in order to detect and avoid any type of potential problem and once lifted up the requested the customer accepts that he have carried out the necessary tests and is responsible for any type of damage that one could occasion for their use. 

2. The guarantee only covers the value of the film for defects of production and in any case are accepted reclamation’s for damages to the material that pack or to the same film for additional processes carried out by the customer or for third parties or to another related like consequence of its use. In same way any reclamation should be carried out before using the material or to the moment of making tests upon beginning to use it, otherwise the customer accepts that the product this in good conditions and is not valid any posterior reclamation.

3. The customer will corroborate that the parameters of production are close the requested ranges as soon as he receive the material and should be made effective their reclamation inside the 15 posterior days to their reception likewise should stop their use as soon as he detect any problem in order to make valid their reclamation. 
Due to the property thermoretractile that characterizes film any reclamation for variations in the measure, in the shrink, in the gauge or for collapsed centers, won't be accepted after this term since with the time they could come variations if the ambient temperature is lightly hot, in any event the customer will consider these factors if he plan to store the material during long time and should take preventive actions.

Graph showing the behavior of the film along the time, inside a warehouse fresh and shade. 

 Shrink vs. Time

4. For the characteristics of transparency, shine, presentation of the material, the guarantee extends it even for 6 months.

5. Refunds of material in good conditions are not accepted neither changes for other widths, unless width, gauge and shrink are commercial and only previous approval. Neither refund of partially used rolls is accepted. The customer also accepts pay for manufactured material nevertheless to that he have incurred in errors to the moment of lifting the order and the material don't serve for his necessity, for what it is requirement make the write order accepting this condition.







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